Artwork and Additional Fees

Artwork Fee

These fees range anywhere from $10-$100 depending on what you want us to do to your   art. Each order is different but here are some common examples:    

Remove the background from your picture  - $10.00  

Touch up picture    - $10.00  

Combine multiple pictures into one picture  - $20.00  

Create a custom picture with clipart and text - $25.00

Extra Shipping Fees

These are not regular shipping fees. These are shipping fees that we aquire when we   have to special order an item. Most of the time we do not have to charge extra    shipping but when we do, these fees are passed on to the customer. We will always let  you know if your item requires extra shipping.

Rush Fee  

If you need your order within 36 hours then it is classified as a rush order.  A rush fee will be added to all rush orders.  We have 3 levels of rush fees:

          a. Orders below $100.00                        $25.00 Fee

          b. Orders between $100.00-$499.00      $50.00 Fee

          c. Orders $500.00 and over                    $100.00 Fee

Local delivery fee

If you are local to Charlotte NC or any other neighboring cities,   we can deliver your awards to you. The fee for this service is $25.00 to cover gas and our time. You must contact us to schedule a delivery day and time.

Extra proof picture fee  

You get 2 free proof pictures with every order. Every proof after that is $10.00